Prices for English translations and proof-reading are based individually on the subject area, level of difficulty and length of your text.

As an independent freelance English translator workingdirectly with clients, I’m able to offer you fair and competetive rates.

Your individual price quote

“Do you require a price quote for your text?”

I’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate at no obligation.

Please send requests by e-mail whenever possible. Simply send a short description of your requirements (desired delivery date, format etc.) and any other special information about your text.

NOTE: For an exact price estimate, please attach your complete text whenever possible. (Attachments preferably in Word/rtf/ppt, htm. Please zip large files).

All documents remain strictly confidential.


Price Structure (1 standard line = 55 characters)

Rate per line non-specialty text

(general text)

starting at 1.30 euro / US $ 1.00
Rate per standard line specialty text

(technical, scientific, legal, marketing texts)

starting at 1.30 euros / US $ 1.50
Resumes / CV (including optimization and reformatting)between 35-55 euros / US $ 35.00 – $ 55.00 per page
Upon request or for longer textsFixed price quote
Rush Translationsbetween 10%-40% extra charge
ProofreadingFixed price estimate





If you have any questions please get in touch.
I can be reached daily by e-mail:
or by phone or fax.
Phone (within Germany) 0721/59 12 27
Voicebox/Outside Germany: +49 – 721 – 151 222 932
Fax: +49 – 721 – 151 222 932

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